Greece is one of the richest countries in biodiversity. Beekeeping plants native in Greece, combined with the right ways of collecting and processing of raw materials of beekeeping (honey, pollen, propolis, wax, etc.) provide a globally unique effect. Participants will learn to prepare extracts, tinctures, and more with natural ingredients and bee products.

Having acquired the theoretical basis of the Beginners course … we enter into the deep! A wide variety of unique recipes for syrups, soaps, creams, waxes and many more! For business and personal use, these recipes are excellent!

A –not only- beekeepers seminar, in which you participate in the process (producing our own royal jelly) of Royal Jelly! Come and discover the properties and its unique nutritional value!

Although bees are in possession of a superb antibiotic -propolis- like all organizations have diseases and “enemies” -insects. Learn one by one the diseases and “enemies” of bees. Learn to treat with friendly methods to them and the environment.

We are All One in Planet Earth! Plants and their pollinators (bees and other insects that pollinate plants) have a parallel evolution for millions of years. Plants offer pollen and nectar in exchange for “fertilization services” by bees. Meet beekeeping plants (plants producing enough pollen and nectar) of Greece and see how it can serve you in your apiary!