The Park

Beekeeping Flora of Greece is constantly threatened by anthropogenic interventions by the existence of a dedicated space in this one imperative. In an area of two hectares, we offer a unique experiential-exploratory experience in children and adults: “to experience the world of bees and their superior products as well as to educate the environmental importance of bees and humans to rescue and preserve bees”. Because if you do not love something, how will you protect it?

In our place you can:

  • Follow the trails and discover many secrets of the park. Get a self-guided map or book your tour with our guides-beekeepers!
  • Hang around an outdoor “museum of nature”! Observe all organisms which coexist in the park!
  • Relax in Apitherapy houses, spaces where you can relax with the buzz and the smell of bees!
  • Try pure bee products, herbs and cosmetics. Ask our expert scientists how to use them and which are their benefits.
  • Watch from special observation cells, within walking distance, the bees to perform their daily tasks, giving life, behavior and hard work lessons!