The Team

Kostas Voudouris

Professional beekeeper. Studies: Technologist Agronomist - Technological Educational Institute Sindou, MSc "Beekeeping"- Agricultural University of Athens.

His love for plant and animal kingdom daily cares the animals and plants of our park! Aromatic-Medicinal Plants and our bees are always happy! The shine and the vibrancy in our park is the result of his sensitivity for the environment!

Kostas Papadopoulos

School of Theology Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Beekeeper

His particular sensitivity to socially vulnerable groups and the environment display our company’s social profile. He can give you a different perspective on consumption of bee products! His calm and and restless spirit makes the bees feel safety and peace!

Yorgos Lykogiannis

Professional beekeeper, specialized in production of cosmetics with bee products. Studies: History and Archeology - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), MSc "Cultural Studies in the Black Sea" - International University of Thessaloniki.

He will “travel” you in the world of the properties of bee products as cosmetics. His artistic eye captures photos and videos of your special moments with bees! At dusk “lulls” our bees with his guitar melodies!

Lambis & Margarita Mascot


As usually happens in the animal kingdom, Margarita, our donkey, felt loneliness in the park. Fortunately we realized this soon and we brought her vivid partner: Lambis! At first, Margarita showed disturbed by the Lampis temperament, but he soon won her heart! What is their job? They welcome you to park a loud cry! Ouaaaa!