For visitors & tourists

According to our sustainability role, our park tells stories about bees, the beekeeping tradition and nature. Children and adults, can have a free tour thanks to our self-guided map or book an appointment for a guided program in the park with a beekeeper-guide. The entrance is free.

On our site you can:

  • Follow our trails
  • Enjoy your coffee/refreshment/snack
  • Buy pure products from the bee and nature
  • Attend seminars or workshops (on request)
  • Rent space for parties or other events

A suggested program looks like this:


  • Tour in the beekeeping park and the apitherapy house
  • Tasting of honeybee products
  • Testing of cosmetics made from beekeeping products
  • Candle crafting from beeswax
  • Treat – Greek yogurt with honey or smoothie with milk, yogurt, honey and bee pollen

Duration of visit: 2 hours

If you are representing a tourist agency or other organisation/school please contact us to inform you about cost. The program can be changed according to your visitors’ wishes.


Guided tour of the theme park

  • Welcome – Acquaintance
  • Acquaintance with the bee and its products and Greek herbs (through presentation and tour)
  • Bee observation in a specially designed observation hive with glass
  • Demonstration of beekeeping equipment (clothing, tools, machinery)
  • Touring the park and coming in contact with the animals (donkeys, horse, goats, etc.)
  • Apitherapy House Tour (Short Demonstration)

Extra activity:

Each member of the group has the option of relaxing in the Apitherapy House and feeling the well-being enjoyed by listening to the bess and inhaling the smells as they emerge directly from the hive!


The apitherapy house from inside



Getting to know the Greek flora and beekeeping plants



Children’s playground



Bees inside an observation hive


Tasting of beekeeping products

Greek honeys are world renowned for their quality and high nutritional value! Taste the various types of honey in our park.

Honey, pollen, propolis and royal jelly, from producers of our country and not only!


Testing of cosmetic products 

Nature can give us a lot, even beauty! Meet and test pure natural cosmetics made by beekeepers in their certified laboratories.

Bee gift shop

Board Games

A fun to play board game for all ages that exercises memory and observation with bees as it’s main focus!


Make your own candles from pure beeswax for you and your family!


 Candle crafting


Using beekeeping products in other ways!

  • Let your imagination unfold and let’s create together some recipes for tasty and nutritional smoothies! With milk, Greek yogurt, honey, bee pollen!

Or relax and enjoy some cold Greek yogurt with honey!


Refreshments room

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