Kids’ parties


The unique beekeeping park in Greece is ready to host your special moment!

What are you celebrating? 

Birthday? Name’s day? A get together with dear friends? 

Whatever the reason we are here with good mood and creative thinking!


  • A tour in the beekeeping park, candle crafting from pure beeswax (given as a gift to each child)
  • Price: 6€ / child
  • Free for the parents and we offer a free refreshment (tea) from our park’s herbs
  • For extra refreshments/snacks and coffee you can check the price list of our park’s canteen:
 filter coffee 2,00€

espresso single 1,50€

espresso double 2,00€

freddo espresso 2,50€

cappuccino single 2,50€

cappuccino double 3€

freddo cappuccino 3€

frappe – instant coffee 2,50€

Greek coffee single 1,50€

Greek coffee double 2,00€  

hot / cold chocolate 2,50€

soft drinks – juices 2,00€

granita 1,50€/ball

Option 2:

Educational program of 2 hours which includes: 

  • an interactive tour in the life of the honeybee
  • seeing real bees behind an observation hive
  • drawing
  • candle crafting with pure beeswax
Light meal for children* : Light meal for parents*:
Mini sandwich Mini sandwich
Meat balls Meat balls
Sausage-pies, cheese-pies, spinach-pies Sausage-pies, cheese-pies, spinach-pies
Juice Mountain tea from our park
  • For extra refreshments/snacks and coffee please check the price list above.

*Quantities are proportional to the number of people

Price:  10,00€/child &  6,00€/parent


For both choices there are the options of:

  • “Lucky” bag with a gift for every child
  • Hiring an animator/clown (cost for this option is separate)

We suggest:

Moreover, in our space there is a nail printing machine where you can paint your nails with bee designs or any other picture you wish for free!

We inform you that in our park there are some animals like: ducks, chickens, rabbits, a horse, two donkeys, sheeps and small goats!

Call us at 23920 72786 for questions and further info!