• A unique park in Greece dedicated to bees…
    is waiting you to explore it!

Welcome to Anel HoneyPark

Our park waits for you to discover it
Educational programs
The first Apitherapy House in Greece
Experience honey tasting
Kids' Parties
Become a beekeeper for a day
Bee gift shop

Come with us and experience a journey of tradition, inspiration and education through the world of the honeybee. Take a tour with expert staff (beekeepers and agriculturalists) and travel to the colors and flavors of the Greek land.

APITOURISM – Meet the honeybee and the practice of beekeeping through:

• The apitourism walk of our park
• The outdoor interactive “bee museum”
• Bee observation hives

BEEKEEPING PRODUCTS – Meet the beneficial properties of bee products:

• Honey tasting
• Honey, Propolis, Pollen, Royal Jelly and more
• Cosmetics
• Toys, books, gift items and accessories


Relax in the Apitherapy House and feel the well-being that is gifted to us by hearing the buzz of the bees in their home and by inhaling the smells that emerge from the hive!


Learn about the life of the bee and the beekeeping practice. Book a tour for your school/organisation/company today!


• Canteen / Refreshments
• Visits and tours for schools of all levels and organizations
• Hosting of children’s parties / activities for children
• Seminars / trainings / student practices

See more details in the next pages. Contact us in order to book a tour!

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