Honey Park and Accessibility

On the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (Friday, December 3), we are pleased to announce that the outdoor areas of ANEL Honey Park have now been improved and designed to be accessible to all. Book your … Read More

HoneyPark Opening Hours

  HoneyPark in Neo Rysio of Thessaloniki is open again for all bee lovers! For moments of relaxation in our park, for your children to play freely in our park, for your coffee in our bar, for a beautiful walk … Read More

We are closed due to the new lockdown!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We inform you that our park and its refreshment room are closed until further notice according to the measures of the new lockdown in the greater area of Thessaloniki. ONLY the beekeeping supply store operates which will serve … Read More

Emergency Announcement

On behalf of ANEL management and ANEL Honeypark staff in Neo Rysio of Thessaloniki: According to Government orders regarding the control of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Honey Park will remain closed for the public. This is the time of year with the … Read More

Φτιάξτε το δικό σας μελισσοκομικό πάρκο!

Ενδιαφέρεστε να δημιουργήσετε το δικό σας μελισσοκομικό πάρκο στην περιοχή σας; Εμπιστευτείτε τους ειδικούς! Προσφέρουμε συμβουλευτική αλλά αναλαμβάνουμε και την υλοποίηση. Παρακάτω δείτε ενδεικτικές τιμές:

Worker bee’s everyday work

Bees are quite “genetically programmed” to perform tasks with a single purpose: the survival of the beehive. Like a computer, the bees do not perform any operation unless they accept the appropriate impulse. Depending on the received impulse from other … Read More

Pollen as a dietary supplement?

Pollen can be derived from different flowering and this means that two jars pollen can be very different. Thus, nutrients of each pollen are different. The protein content in pollen has range from 7,5 to 35 %. It contains usually … Read More

The mystery of royal jelly

Similarly to pollen, royal jelly can be used as a dietary supplement because of their nutritious value. They have published many chemical analyzes of royal jelly in recent years. After the latest technological developments, we are able to provide detailed … Read More

Therapeutic propolis

Propolis is composed of wax (30%), resins (55%), essential oils (10%) and pollen (5%). Logically, according the flora around the hive, propolis content is different. This is because each plant has different resins, essential oils and pollen! Each plant is … Read More

What is the most important work of the bee?

The first thing that comes to mind about bees is honey. But this extraordinary insect has a mission greater than honey: the reproduction of plants. Bees are continuously working to create bring food on our table. In fact, they keep … Read More