Honey or sugar in your tea?

One gram of refined sugar has about the same calories (4 calories) with a gram honey (3 calories) (USDA). But all calories are not the same for our health! (Lustig, 2015) One teaspoon of sugar (4,2g) or honey (21g) have … Read More

Honey: from the flower on your plate

Bee needs pollen and nectar to live. Pollen is stored to give it energy when needed. Nectar is the substance of which honey is created. But how does nectar is converted into honey? The bee has two “stomachs”, one for … Read More

Bee’s “tools”

The eyes. Bees and other pollinators see the world different from us. They have three simple eyes (at the top of the head) and two composite eyes (at the side of the head). Moreover, because they see a different range … Read More

Can the hive live without the queen?

How bees are such an organized society? The answer is “queen bee”! Her importance in the hive is huge and from ancient times it was often linked to a goddess! The queen is the only person in the beehive (an … Read More

Precious bee products: how bee made them?

Except their gift of fertilizing 1/3 of fruits and vegetables, bees provide a wide range of bee products. The most famous product of beekeeping is honey, but wax, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, venom have also unique properties. Most of these … Read More

Beekeeper’s “tools”

Whenever the beekeeper wants to visit a beehive, he/she wears the beekeeping uniform and gloves. Without these, beekeeper will be totally defenseless in a beehive feeling that someone attacks! We must not forget that the bee do not want to … Read More