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Beekeeper’s “tools”

Whenever the beekeeper wants to visit a beehive, he/she wears the beekeeping uniform and gloves. Without these, beekeeper will be totally defenseless in a beehive feeling that someone attacks! We must not forget that the bee do not want to sting us, because that would mean her own death. Bees sting only when they feel that hive is threatened!

Beekeeper takes the smoker and the scraper and goes to the beehive. The smoker produces s special smoke from burning specific materials (pine needles, straw, corn distaffs etc.) which make bees feel dizzy. He/she often uses a “magic” mushroom for more dizziness! Producing smoke within the hive makes bees dizzy and less aggressive. In this way, you can pull out one by one the frames and check if they need extra food (if there are no flowering), if there is honey or pollen to collect, any treatment for diseases or have another problem.

If there is any honey or pollen for collection, beekeeper takes frames (without the bees!) to the workshop.


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