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Bee’s “tools”

The eyes. Bees and other pollinators see the world different from us. They have three simple eyes (at the top of the head) and two composite eyes (at the side of the head). Moreover, because they see a different range of colors and with different intensity of the humans, blossoms’ are very different for them! The bee can distinguish four colors: ultraviolet, blue, green-blue and yellow. Humans cannot see ultraviolet, while bees cannot see red. Simple eyes are basically not for seeing, but help them navigate, depending on the intensity of light. Each part of the compound eyes the “ommatio” (4,000 ommatia in each eye) send information about colors and pictures. Hairs found in complex eyes help them understand air movement.

The antennas.
The two antennas in bee’s head have seven types of senses: smell, taste, level of carbon dioxide, humidity, temperature etc.

The legs. The three pairs of legs of the bee are especially designed for collecting pollen, which is very important for her and us! The brush, the comb, the basket, the bolt, all help in the pollen collection.

The wings. The two pairs of wings are able to be joined with a special hook, when the bee wants to fly faster. The wings make over 200 cycles per second! According to the anatomy of bees and aerodynamic analyses of the flight, this is impossible! What a miraculous insect! The mean flight speed is 23,4 km / h (with load), and 27 km / h (no load)!


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