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Can the hive live without the queen?

How bees are such an organized society? The answer is “queen bee”! Her importance in the hive is huge and from ancient times it was often linked to a goddess! The queen is the only person in the beehive (an only one in each beehive) that can lay eggs. The beehive can perceive that there is no queen in just a couple of hours! This is because the queen releases several “smells” or pheromones, which connects each bee in the hive. If colony misses that smell, bees start “weeping” and after some hours, they start breeding new queens.

The most powerful new Queen will survive and provide a lot of offspring. The queen does not work like other bees, but is dedicated to birth of the larvae (the “babies” of bees). It can lay up to 2,500 eggs / day (that’s why she has so big belly), so she is quite busy! Fertilization is made by male bees called drones.


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