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ANEL closely cooperates with some of the great beekeepers of Greece to give you healthy beekeeping products.

You can find pure products like:

  • Different types of honey
  • Fresh pollen for different blossoms
  • Fresh and pure royal jelly
  • Raw propolis

Other products and cosmetics like:

  • Propolis tincture for skin care and health boost
  • Herbs
  • Beeswax ointments and other cosmetics from beekeeping products
  • Essential oils and other oils
  • Soaps with beekeeping products

There are also great ideas for gifts like handcrafted jewelry and clay decorations, children books and fairy tales, bonbons, t-shirts, hats and more … always with a bee theme involved!

If you use Google Maps, you can see the directions for our park here.

By car

From Thessaloniki: Follow the Thessaloniki-Moudania road. Take the exit for N. Rysio (after Thermi exit) and turn to your right to go to the parallel road of Thessaloniki-Moudania road. The park is after Tsimachidis furniture, towards Thessaloniki.

By bus

From Thessaloniki: Take the bus No. 2, 3 or 8 and arrive at the bus terminal “IKEA”. From the station take the No. 87 (Caution! Ask the driver if it passes from bus stop Gefira Neo Rysio). Jump off to the stop Gefira Neo Rysio. Opposite the station will see a sign ANEL Beekeeping supplies, follow it and you are in our area! The distance from the stop to the park is about 2 km.

In our premises you can stroll around for free! Children and adults alike can:

  • play around the park and the playground
  • come in contact with nature (herbs and animals of the park)
  • learn about the honeybee, the beekeeping products and the work of the beekeeper by following our routes in the park
  • relax in the apitherapy house with the buzz of the bees and the smells of the hive
  • try healthy and tasty beekeeping products
  • discover the “secrets” of bees in our thematic kiosks
  • make a pic nic
  • see the animals of our park (donkeys, horse, goats, sheeps, chickens, ducks, etc)

There is a shop in the park where you can buy healthy Greek and international beekeeping products that greatly benefit your health and well-being.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions or suggestions you might have! Tours can be tailored to your needs. 

The possibility of getting stung by a bee is always there, everywhere we are: in the city, on the highway, in a park, in the forest or in the beach. In our park we have just a few beehives located in the far end of the property. Children can play freely in the other areas of the park.

If you are allergic to bee stings we suggest NOT to visit the park. In any case, you enter the premises under your responsibility.

Our personnel is trained to aid you in the unusual event of a sting with the needed medicines to calm the swelling.

Remember: Bees are not aggressive beings. They are only on the lookout for flowers, pollen and nectar and 99% of the time will not sting you even if bothered on the flowers while going about their work. They can be aggressive close to their beehive if for some reason they feel they are threatened especially if you mess with their home which is not suggested under no circumstance.

All children and adults can find many interesting things in our park! The guided tours that can be organised are mainly for:

  • families
  • students of all levels 
  • teachers/educators
  • tourists/tourists agencies
  • travellers and visitors passing by
  • beekeepers and beekeeping clubs
  • other organisations and companies

We will tailor everything to your needs! From 3 to 103 years old!

Our personnel consists of beekeepers and agriculturalists. They are all trained and ready to solve any question you might have about bees, beekeeping products and the work of the beekeeper.