Learn about beekeeping in Honey Park by following the “flight of the bee”! In the park we learn about the importance of bees and beekeeping from specialized scientists and beekeepers!

The program includes:

  • A tour by a beekeeper of the park following the “flight of the bee” route.
  • “Aroma-cognition” of beekeeping plants.
  • Demonstration of beekeeping equipment (clothing, tools, machinery).
  • Demonstration of collection of bee products.
  • Observing the bees through an observation hive at close range!
  • Experiential activities with role-playing games and handmade board games.
  • We treat you with sesame bar with honey and we gift you with a candle made of 100% natural wax!
  • Guided tour of the Bee Therapy House (for our older friends)

 (1-2 hours)  5,00 € / student

Free for the teachers/educators

We can change the program to meet your educational needs according to the audience. The multi-sensory program is also appropriate for special needs group.