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What is the most important work of the bee?

The first thing that comes to mind about bees is honey. But this extraordinary insect has a mission greater than honey: the reproduction of plants. Bees are continuously working to create bring food on our table. In fact, they keep this planet alive, because without plants there is no life, but without bees, 1/3 of plants will go extinct!

In the small legs of bees, pollen sticks on, each time they visit a flower. Pollen is located on anthers, the male part of the plant and consists of microspores. These are carried by the bee “accidentally” on top of the female part of the plant, the stigma. Each microspore creates small “tails”, which help them to move towards inside the bottom of the flower, where ovary contains the “eggs”. When reaching the “egg”, flower is fertilized, plant seeds are formed. The seeds are ripened and fell to the ground. This is how new plants are created!

Propagation of new plants, provide more oxygen to the planet and food for us and other animals. Part of pollen is collected from the bees and stored in the hive, give the appropriate protein-energy to continue their wonderful work! Honey bee, other bee species and other insects, butterflies, bats, birds and animals help plants the entire planet to breed and create prosperity in nature!


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