The possibility of getting stung by a bee is always there, everywhere we are: in the city, on the highway, in a park, in the forest or in the beach. In our park we have just a few beehives located in the far end of the property. Children can play freely in the other areas of the park.

If you are allergic to bee stings we suggest NOT to visit the park. In any case, you enter the premises under your responsibility.

Our personnel is trained to aid you in the unusual event of a sting with the needed medicines to calm the swelling.

Remember: Bees are not aggressive beings. They are only on the lookout for flowers, pollen and nectar and 99% of the time will not sting you even if bothered on the flowers while going about their work. They can be aggressive close to their beehive if for some reason they feel they are threatened especially if you mess with their home which is not suggested under no circumstance.

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